Signs Your Roof Is Damaged After A Storm

Roofing Damage Topeka Storm

The roof on your building stands up to the elements 365 days a year, facing not only harsh solar radiation, extreme heat and cold and heavy layers of snow, but storms that come with high winds, rain and hail. Storms are becoming increasingly frequent and increasingly devastating for roofs. While some forms of damage are more obvious, others are hidden and harder to detect, but not less important to remedy. Here are the signs to look for in Topeka roofing damage:

  • Leaks – when water starts dripping or, even worse, pouring through your ceiling, it is a strong sign that the covering elements on your roof have developed holes or other problems that let water through. To remedy the problem, check the roof above the leak for any cracks and holes, but don’t stop there – your roof might have sustained damage in other areas as well;
  • Loose or missing components – high winds can lift roofing components, such as the flashing, individual shingles or metal panels and loose elements can then be ripped off by the next storm. Check for any missing or loose elements and fix the fault immediately when the weather calms down;
  • Flashing damage – the stripes of material installed around the roof openings are also sensitive to storm damage, so check them for dents, cracks or improper adhesion.