Signs Your Home Is Hurting From Storm Damage

Storm Damage Signs To Look For

Storm damage may occur even if you take precautions to protect your house, because the intensity of a storm may be unpredictable. Sometimes the storm damage is obvious, other times it may go undetected. This is why you should call a restoration contractor for inspecting your home, after a storm. Professional expertise is also useful for getting a professional assessment for your insurance coverage and for recommendations about storm cleanup.

The most common causes of storm damage include:


Hailstones vary in form and dimension, but regardless their size and intensity, they may cause damage to roofs, sidings and vegetation in the yard. Additionally, it typically involves costly storm cleanup. Luckily hail is less frequent than rain and wind, but it leaves its marks (dents, cracks etc.)  on the roof, windows, HVAC external units and siding, and the need to contact MidKansas Exteriors quickly.


Wind can cause roof damage, fallen trees and indirect damage caused by blown away objects. These signs can be observes on the exterior of the home and in the yard.


Sometimes storms are accompanied by heavy rainfall that may cause interior or exterior damage (roof leaks, water infiltrations etc.). Common areas to check for water damage include the roof and the attic, roof insulation, ceilings and walls, as well as the basement.