Siding Options for Homes – Attractive, Modern Solutions for the Perfect Looks and Enhanced Protection

Sidings are not only ornamental components of buildings – they have important protection roles, too, so choosing the best option is very important. Here are some of the most common and most popular solutions that will not only make your home look better, but will also protect your walls:

  • Cedar shingles – also known as shakes, cedar shingles are the most common types of siding across America. The wood is usually painted or stained to make the wood attractive and more resistant to moisture


  • Fiber cement – the material is very versatile and it can be made to look like wood or masonry. It is also very durable, resistant to the weather as well as to termites and other pests and it is cheaper than wood


  • Vinyl – made from PVC plastic, vinyl siding boards are very cheap and they last very long provided they are not exposed to impact such as hails or stones blown by harsh winds


  • Aluminum – another very durable and resistant material, aluminum is perfect for making large siding panels. It is crack-proof, it has superior fire-resistant qualities and it is available in great modern designs as well, so finding the type that suits the overall style of your building is easy.  It meets the approval of Wichita roofing contractors use, so that says it all!