Should You Opt For An Upgraded Roofing Material Instead Of The Standard Asphalt Roof?

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Because not all the roofs have to be the same, there are many options available out there. For instance, stone-coated roofing can copy the appearance of asphalt shingles, clay tiles or wood shakes. This upgraded type of material can have a very long warranty, i.e. of up to 50 years. It has a high resistance against fire, hail and winds. It is generally made with a corrosion-resistant type of material which is coated with crushed granite. This granite is permanently bonded to the metal part.

Flat roofs largely benefit from built-up roofing systems. This type of roofing is made of several layers of bitumen surfaces. Built-up roof may include ballasted asphalt or smooth asphalt.

Solar shingles are an excellent alternative to the classic Topeka roofing systems. Their main purpose is to create electricity during the sunny days. Therefore, this type of roofing can offer a return on investment, so it proves its worth in the long run.

Single-ply roofing is yet another great option for homeowners or entrepreneurs. This type of roofing is commonly used for larger areas.

Available in copper or galvanized steel, standing seam roofing systems have the advantage of a more finished look and better resistance than other metal roofs.