Should You Beef Up Your Roof Insulation this Winter?

MidKansas Exteriors Roofing Insulation

If the roof of a house is not properly insulated before winter, moisture can become trapped in the attic and damage it extensively. Inadequate insulation of attics can become a very serious problem during winter. Old and compressed insulation can perform poorly, which is why it may cause the house to lose heat.

The best type of insulation for cold weather is fiberglass insulation that is widely available across the U.S. and can fit different shapes and sizes. It is great for cold climate, but it cannot be installed directly against the underside of roof sheating, which is not great news because insulating the underside of the roof can prevent ice dams from forming on the roof.

Ceiling insulation can also be a worth-while investment because it can make the home more comfortable. It can also help families save on heating during winter and it can improve energy efficiency, thus, making the house more sustainable.

It is also very important not to over-insulate the home so as to avoid making it difficult to breathe inside the house. The interior should be tightly sealed, but not too tightly. Moreover, it is advisable to avoid having too many layers of insulation because moisture can easily get trapped inside those layers and damage the roofing system by allowing mold or mildew to grow very quickly.  For insulation guidelines look to the professionals at