Roofing Tips for Homeowners in Wichita KS: Protecting Your Home from Severe Storms

Roof materials impact shingles Wichita roofing options

Did you know that wind force is the main cause of roof damage?

If a strong wind damages your roof, it can leave it vulnerable and exposed to water leaks. Many roofs that are older fall victim to this, because their old installation technology cannot withstand the pressure of severe storms.

When roof tiles and shingles fly, the problem typically lies in problems with the structural elements of the roof. Roofing companies, in their desire to reduce costs, may suggest poor quality materials, or ignore the resistance structure of the roof. In this case, the owners are also to blame, as many of them consciously sacrifice safety and longevity for the sake of money.

When replacing the roof some home owners and or contractors do not analyze the level of strength of the roof’s supporting structure, which may ruin their investment if any problems occur or the support collapses.

The most resistant roofs that can best withstand severe storms are those covered with ceramic or concrete tiles, and also metal roofs. In addition, given that extreme climate change is increasingly bringing not only wind and rain storms, but also hail, choosing class 4 impact resistant shingles for your Wichita roofing is the best idea to prevent damage and to ensure your peace of mind in the long run.