Roof Maintenance During Winter

Roof Maintenance During Winter Months

The arrival of winter can create some problems with the roofs, especially when the outside temperature is fluctuating, and the freezing and thawing occur at short intervals. The heating and cooling process can create ice dams and icicles on the edges of the roof. When these problems happen, the ice layer is thick enough to damage the roof and its drainage system. To avoid this, the roof must be cleaned and kept under observation during the cold months.

An effective solution to prevent snow accumulation on the roof is represented by installing a de-icing system, which is designed to melt the snow and prevent ice formation. The system operates automatically and consists of electrical cables connected to a thermostat, which keeps them at a certain temperature. In the thermostat, there are sensors that will trigger cable heating, depending on the humidity and the outside temperature.

Another important recommendation is to mount snow guards.

If you have none of these solutions, you will have to manually remove the snow from the roof, to prevent the problems it may cause.

Regardless of the maintenance work that your roof needs, it is always best to turn to professionals. Choose experienced Wichita roofing contractors, accredited by the manufacturer of the roof, to benefit from the warranty.