Reinforcing Your Roof to Stand Up to Extreme Kansas Weather Conditions

house in Mid Kansas winter extreme weather

The weather in Kansas is certainly worth mentioning, especially when you’re trying to choose the right type of roof for your home or to reinforce your old roof. Without a doubt, a robust roof will be needed, as the strong winds and intense precipitation of the area can be pretty hard to deal with.


If you don’t want to have to constantly repair your roof, consider these tips for making it stronger:


  1. Set up a roof inspection and fix the most problematic parts of your roof before tornado season. Generally, if you check for maintenance and repair issues around late March, you should be able to take care of everything by late April, when tornado season hits and the stronger winds will start to mess with your roof.
  2. Ask your roofer for advice regarding upgrades such as roof coating. Weatherproof roof coatings and additional protection for your home – such as upgrading your skylights – can help a great deal as well.
  3. Remove any debris that could cause damage to your roof, if moved around by the wind. This should include any large branches or broken pieces of shingles. If there are trees nearby, it might also help to further protect your roof by cutting down some of the branches that are dangerously close to your roof.  For these type of roofing services look at