Do You Really Need Gutters with Leaf Guards?

A superior Wichita roofing company will confirm that gutters with leaf guards are useful components that protect not only the gutter pipes, but the roof, the walls of the house and the downspouts as well. Gutters ´with leaf guards are a must if you have trees around the house or if your house is near a forest or a green area, but they are great for any house – here are a few of the most important benefits:

  • Clogging prevention – it is not only leaves that can reach into the gutter pipes and clog them. Birds and rodents might build nests in the pipes without guards, dust and other debris might build inside the gutters, too – problems that can be easily prevented with the installation of leaf guards;
  • Improving waterflow through the gutter – leaf guards filter the water that reaches the gutters, therefore the water that flows through is cleaner, making rain water harvesting more efficient and easier, too;
  • Ice prevention – certain types of leaf guards, such as heated varieties or bottle-brush types, are great for stopping the accumulation of ice in and on the gutters. The small ice dams that build inside the gutters and the icicles that form on the gutters can cause very serious damage that can be easily prevented with the help of leaf guards.