Protect Your Roof from the Wind – Strategies and Materials to Consider Using

Protect Your Roofing Shingles From Wind Damage

Wind problem is a big concern for roofers, since some areas often feature strong winds, especially if you live in tornado country or areas in the South where hurricanes are common and wind speeds can exceed 100 mph.


One of the best strategies to consider when it comes to protecting your roof from the wind is to use heavy shingle materials and strong fasteners. Slate and concrete are among the best, and steel roofs are also great to prevent the wind from making off with your shingles. Moreover, if you contact an experienced contractor, they should be able to help you with selecting a better set of nails and fasteners for your project.


Recently, many architects and designers have been looking into the option of designing aerodynamic roofs. While most sloped roofs are pretty aerodynamic, modern roofing systems exist that can channel wind power more efficiently and prevent it from damaging any part of the roof itself.


Finally, it’s also a good idea to look into cheaper materials with high wind resistance such as metal and composite asphalt shingle roofing. While they might not perform as well or last as long as slate, they can be an excellent solution when considering the lower cost.  Talk with a roofing expert at to see what roofing products work best for your home and area.