Preparing For Kansas Hail Storms

Topeka Hail Storm Roofing Repairs

The climate in Kansas is not uniform; in the northeast, there are humid continental zones; in the west, we are talking about semiarid steppe, while in the south-central area there is a humid subtropical climate. However, all these areas have something in common: they are prone to hail storms.

Mitigating hail damage is possible, even if we cannot prevent these phenomena from occurring. Here is how to be ready for Kansas hail storms:

  • Check the weather forecast regularly and stay up to date about the possibility to be hit by a hail storm
  • Inspect your roof to identify vulnerabilities and perform the necessary Topeka roofing repairs. Get contact data from a few local licensed roofers; you may need them for emergency interventions.
  • Protect your home. Install impact resistant shutters and choose impact resistant siding materials to protect the exterior of the building
  • Trim the tree branches that are too close to your house; a hail storm can break them and they may cause significant damage while hanging of falling.
  • Secure the outdoor objects that cannot be moved in until the storm passes. You should be able to move the outdoor furniture inside, but if you do not have a garage, you should find a safe place for your car, where it cannot be hit by hailstones.
  • Make sure your pets and farm animals are safe
  • Disconnect electricity in your home to prevent electric fires.