How To Prepare for Summer Storm Damage in Kansas

Storm Clouds

Kansas is known as the “cyclone state”, due to the frequent occurrence of tornados. Summer storms and tornados may also bring significant quantities of rain that put different portions of the state at risk for flooding and damage caused by wind and hail.

These weather phenomena cannot be prevented from happening, but there are safety measures that help people keeping the damage at the minimum.

First, such climate requires a special attention to the integrity of the roof. Roofs must be inspected regularly (twice a year or every time after severe weather phenomena), hire Topeka roofing contractors to inspect your roof. Maintenance operations must include checking the integrity of the coating materials, gutter cleaning, as well as trimming the trees and vegetation around the house.

Storms are usually predicted by weather forecast, so make sure to secure everything in your yard that may be lifted by the wind. In order to be prepared for potential floods, have a battery backup for your sump pump. Electricity may be cut and you surely do not enjoy the perspective of having a flooded basement.

It is not a bad idea to have some emergency supplies in the house either, considering that a bad storm or tornado may damage access roads and block the circulation for a while.