Popular Roofing Styles in Kansas

Home With Mix Of Roofing Styles

There are a few popular roofing styles in Kansas, whether we talk about all-new roofs or old roofs. Considering the weather in the state that may become severe, especially in spring and summer, pitched roofs are more common than flat roofs, because they are more resistant to wind and heavy precipitation.

In this category, there are several types of roofs that you can notice every step of the way.

* Shed roofs

This roof type is single sloped and represents a convenient solution because it provides the protection of a sloped roof but also creates more usable space inside.

* Gable roofs

These roofs are probably the most popular, providing a balanced and pleasing aspect, with their two rectangular, equal sized slopes, coming together at the ridge.

* Salt box

The salt box roof is similar with the gable roof, but one side is longer than the other, attempting to achieve a steeper pitch, thus better performance when it comes to water draining.

* Pyramid roofs

They are four sided and shaped like pyramids. These roofs are more popular for smaller structures.

* Mansard roofs

A Mansard is a roof that has a slope on all of its four sides, which creates more space for the attic (actually, the word “mansard” has a French origin, meaning “attic”).


When it comes to roofing the different styles of roofs, any of the known roofing contractors Wichita offers will have the experience to do the job efficiently.