Pitfalls to Avoid When Installing New Windows in Wichita

MidKansas Exteriors Window Installation Professional

There are many mistakes to be avoided when installing new windows in Wichita. The main ones include: correcting gaps with spray foam, taking incorrect measurements, making a mess during installation, damaging the wall finish or siding, not opting for cost-effective solutions and settling for poor adherence. Conversely, there are also many benefits that you should strive to obtain including: energy savings, less heat loss and better heat gain.

Some other pitfalls to avoid entail: not wearing protective clothing during installation, not following all of the necessary steps of the window installation process, not employing the latest window technology, not investing in high-quality window frame materials, not doing your research in terms of window brand options and not paying enough attention to the size or thickness of the window glass.

It is equally important to avoid making the mistake of replacing the window glass without also replacing the window frames. Similarly, failing to seal a glass window frame can be a costly mistake in the long run. Therefore, you need to make sure you secure the window frame with nails or staples and clean or dry it properly before applying weather stripping adhesive to the area you want to seal. Also make sure you do not forget to trim the weather stripping accordingly.  For best results, it is recommended you hire a professional like MidKansas Exteriors for your window replacement, as they deal with your home’s exterior and are skilled in window installation.