Maintenance Tips for Your New Roof

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Many people who have just had their new roof installed think that new roofs don’t need any maintenance for years. The truth is that new roofs need to get as much attention as older roofs, regular maintenance by Topeka roofing contractors being the best way to keep your roof strong and healthy for a long time. Here are some maintenance tips for new roofs:

  • Regular inspections – inspect your roof standing on the ground whenever you can and perform a detailed inspection standing on a ladder at least twice a year. Look for any damaged or displaced covering elements and check the gutters and the downspouts, too, then decide whether you can do the necessary repairs or you are better off hiring a roofer for the job;
  • Regular cleaning – the moisture trapped by the debris that accumulates on the roof surface and in the gutters is the worst enemy of your roofing structure, so clean the roof surface as well as the drainage system twice a year, once in spring and once in summer;
  • Maintain your trees, too – if the trees around your home have branches overhanging the roof, remove those branches – the twigs and leaves that fall off those branches trap moisture on the roof and high winds might tear off branches and drop them on the roof, posing the risk of severe roof damage.