Less Common Roofing Problems: Does Your Home Have Enough Roof Ventilation?

Proper Roof Ventilation System

Not many people are willing to talk about roof ventilation, since most of the time they don’t consider it to be a pressing matter. However, even though roof ventilation issues aren’t as urgent as fixing a leak, you’ll find them to wreak some serious havoc in the long run. In fact, with poor ventilation, you might find yourself having to completely reinstall your roof and ask your Topeka roofing contractors to repair the underlayment and decking as well. The costs involved will not be very easy to cover.


A vented attic with proper insulation on the walls and floors of the attic is one of the most underappreciated aspects of roofing. Attic ventilation is like the cornerstone of your roof, making sure that moisture and heat doesn’t gather in the attic. Were it to do so, the result would be that the moisture would get trapped in the walls, leading to some serious problems regarding how the integrity of the walls, insulation and roof decking will be affected.


The solution, of course, is a proper roof ventilation system with insulation requirements being completely met. You have to make sure that your insulation is up to code with the latest standards, and that your attic is completely dry, without being affected by exterior temperature changes. This will ensure that you rarely have to deal with any problems regarding the deeper structure of your roofing system.