Keeping Your Gutters In Great Shape This Fall

Get Gutter Guards Installed By Roofing Company

As the color of the leaves is starting to change, it is time to think about autumn maintenance operations. Keeping your gutters in top shape should be one of the priorities on your to-do list.

The importance of having clean and functional gutters is significant. Debris buildup creates a humid environment that not only promotes degradation, but also constitutes a perfect habitat for pests that may eventually infest your house. Clogged gutters also cause water leaks and home damage, so you should keep them clean. The right frequency for this operation is 3-4 times per year. Make sure you are extra careful during the autumn, when the falling leaves tend to accumulate in the gutters.

Start with an inspection. Besides becoming aware of the amount of dirt and debris accumulated in the gutters, you must also look for signs of structural damage caused by rust or missing elements and ensure the gutters are not loose.

Cleaning the gutters is not so complicated; you can hire specialists to do it, but you can also do it yourself, if you have a ladder, gardening gloves, a brush and a pressure washer. Remember, however, that safety comes first, so use extreme caution when climbing.

You can consider having a Wichita roofing company install gutter guards before the arrival of the fall, which will cut down significantly your maintenance time, from now on.