Keeping Your Deck in Great Condition This Summer

Topeka Roofing And Patio

A deck is not only an extension of your home’s living space – it is a space that plays an important role in making your home comfortable during the hot months, the space where you can entertain your guests, where you can have breakfast or where you can just sit and rewind enjoying the great weather. To be able to do all that on your deck, you need to maintain the area – here are some tips how:

  • Perform a thorough inspection in spring – the freezing temperatures and the snow of winter are harsh on decks, so when the temperatures become comfortably warm in spring, include a thorough inspection and cleaning among your spring home maintenance tasks. Clean the deck, then inspect every inch of it, including the wooden parts, the railings, the exterior wall that the deck is attached to and remedy any fault that you find. Pay special attention to rust, rot, protruding fasteners and loose components. When everything is clean and repaired, treat the surfaces with suitable protective coatings to prevent the harm caused by water and harsh sunshine;
  • Clean the deck every week during the summer, too and inspect the deck after each major storm to find any damage before it becomes more severe.  For covered decks and matching the roofing call on the professionals at