Is Reflective Roof Paint Right for Your Home?

reflective roof roofing color

The roof is the largest surface on most homes and also one that is directly exposed to the rays of the sun, so if you live in a region that gets long, hot summers, taking steps to prevent your roof from absorbing too much heat is essential for the thermal comfort of your home. There are many ways to reduce the temperature of your roofing, applying a coating of reflective paint being one of the best methods. If the solution appeals to you, here are some things that you should know about these coatings:

  • Types of roofs that can be treated with reflective paint – most roofing materials can be coated, provided that the surface is prepared for the process and the right type of paint is selected. However, reflective coatings perform better on low-pitched or flat roofs than they do on steeper structures;
  • The climate – if your climate area gets lots of heat in summer, but winters are also hard, the reflective paint applied on your roof might improve thermal comfort during the hot months, but it is likely to increase your energy bills in winter, when the roof should be able to absorb as much heat as possible. You should also consider the humidity levels in your area – cooler surfaces attract and hold in more moisture and in the case of roofs, lower surface temperatures might promote the appearance of moss, algae or fungi on the roof.

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