Is A Slate Roof Worth The Investment?

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Slate is, in fact, a changed rock which can come in variety of textures and colors. With a slate roof, your home is sure to stand out. This material is solid and dense. It can be found in red, green, blue or grey, with various hues.

Because it absorbs water very slowly, slate can be very resistant against rain and snow. At the same time, slate can be a very good insulating material. So it offers great protection against cold, snow and heavy winds. Slate roofs are also highly resistant against the wear and tear that other types of roofs are prone to.

Most often, slate can outlive the building it was intended for. But the good news is this type of material can be re-used, as it is very resistant to outside elements. In other words, it is very unlikely for a slate roof to end up in a landfill. This is great for the environment. The carbon footprint of slate is lower than in the case of asphalt or composite shingles.

Maintaining a slate roof involves yearly inspections. Having your roof cleaned once a year by  is another great idea, as it can prevent premature damages to your shingles.