How to Successfully Maintain Your Flat Roof – EPDM and Bitumen Roofing Maintenance Work

Maintenance of A Flat Roof

Roof maintenance can work very well if you put in a little effort not only to physically get on top of the problem, but also to research the materials themselves and see what these roofing structures truly require.


Your flat roof maintenance checklist for roofs constructed from roofing materials such as EPDM membrane roofing and bitumen roofing products might look extensive. However, once you get used to it, you’ll find that flat roof maintenance work can flow quite easily in most cases.


First, you have to look out for ponding. This happens when the roof becomes uneven because of hail or water damage, and puddles of water start forming, which can later lead to greater structural problems. The only corrective measure in this case is a tampered installation.


Ridging is a common issue when it comes to bitumen roofing. Ridges can appear as large cracks and are a result of the roofing membrane being poorly attached. The repair work for that should involve reinforcing the insulation joints and repairing membrane fasteners. After that, using the correct sealant should be enough.


Finally, be careful about snow removal. It can cause serious problems and injuries if you’re inexperienced. As a result, most experts will recommend that you hire a team of professional roofing technicians like for this job.