How To Protect Your Roof From Kansas Weather

How To Protect Your Roof

Three types of climate are present in Kansas: humid continental (hot, humid summers and cool winters), semi-arid steppe (very hot but less humid summers and warm winters) and humid subtropical (hot and humid summers, mild winters and more precipitation than in the other regions of the state with other climates). Severe weather is not uncommon in Kansas, the state being vulnerable to thunderstorms that occasionally may become supercell storms.

In such weather conditions, it is vital to have a good roof above your head.

However, the wind and the storms can pull the shingles from the house, as well as the gutters, or clog them with branches and leaves. In these circumstances, regular roof inspections by Topeka roofing contractors are mandatory. Otherwise, you may discover the damage during the next thunderstorm, when the water will infiltrate into your house.

Although they may mean new investments on your part, some other long-term precautions might actually translate into substantial savings. Therefore, the first thing you have to do, if you have not already done it, is to insulate your attic with at least one layer of insulating material. At the same time, do not forget the vapor barrier film that will prevent water infiltration. To avoid the effect of condensation, which could affect both the thermal insulation system and the structure of the roof, the foil has to be installed very tightly. Another important precaution is ensuring proper ventilation. The walls and the roof must breathe in order to provide a healthy environment.