How To Know When It’s Time For A Roof Replacement

Is It Time To Replace Your Roof

A solid roof above your home is a particularly important asset, because a faulty roof allows water and weather in general to cause all kinds of damage, from weakening the structure, rotting the wooden elements and promoting mold formation, to damaging personal belongings.

When the roof doesn`t fulfill its purpose anymore, it should be replaced promptly.

There are signs indicating that the lifespan of your roof is about to come to an end and if you identify them during inspections and maintenance operations, you can be better prepared for a new roof project.

  • Damaged shingles

Shingles can get damaged by weather or improper human action and typically they can be replaced. However, when the roof is too old, there are larger areas of damaged shingles and repairing them doesn`t solve too much anymore. Shingles that start losing their granulation represent another indicator that they are past their life expectancy.

  • Compromised roof valley

Rain and snow flow down through valleys into gutters and when valleys are compromised, the roof starts to leak. When leaks are too extensive, there is little to do other than replacing the roof.

  • The age of the roof

The most common roofing materials last about 20 years, while the most durable materials have a significantly longer lifespan (50+ years). However, no material lasts forever, so when the roof is old, it must be replaced.  For roof replacement or repairs, call MidKansas Exteriors professionals for help.