How Popular Are Slate Roofing Systems in the Kansas Area?

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Because of its durability, curb appeal and relative ease of installation, natural slate is a popular choice for roofing in many places. Of course, the main issue that a slate roof has is its higher than average price, but when you know that your roof will last for the next 100 years or so, that investment won’t seem like such a big deal anymore.


Now, a lot of local roofers will tell you that in Kansas, slate roofing systems are pretty popular. Slate tiles are able to withstand the test of time and they don’t get damaged too easily. Although strong winds can sometimes damage a slate roof, larger tiles mean better resistance to wind damage,  since slate is basically a type of heavy duty metamorphic rock that is heavy enough to withstand strong winds.


The beauty and the diversity associated with slate roof installation is also worth mentioning. Slate tiles come in all shapes and sizes, and they can be quite easy to install for roofing companies such as MidKansas Exteriors of Wichita. You can also use them for cool roofs, which are great if you live in one of the warmer areas of Kansas where sunshine prevails throughout most of the year. Best of all, slate adds a lot to your home value, so if you ever consider selling your home, having a slate roof will allow you to get a lot more at closing than you’ve bargained for.