How New Siding Can Increase Home Resale Value?

New Siding Improves Home Value MidKansas Exteriors

First impressions matter in any encounter – when it comes to the first time when your potential buyers meet your property, the building component that will create that impression will be the siding on your building. This also means that the siding is among the most important components of your building envelope, a component that not only adds resale value to your home, but can make or break the deal. Here is why investing into new siding is a great idea if you are looking for renovations with a high resale value:

  • Enhanced curb appeal – this feature is surely a no-bainer, new siding looks better than old, warping or otherwise damaged panels and contributes to making a positive first impression upon the potential buyer;
  • Increased energy-efficiency – new siding panels are free from the cracks, holes or other structural issues that make old, damaged panels inefficient in terms of energy preservation. Replacing old panels will significantly reduce the amount of energy that your home needs to maintain interior temperatures comfortable the year around;
  • Enhanced protection for the entire building envelope – one of the principle roles of siding is to protect your exterior walls from the elements, so new panels allow you to up the asking price because your buyer will know that your building is safe from the harm caused by extreme weather.  Call