How Many Times Per Year Should You Have Your Roof Inspected?

How Many Times A Year

So, is it a good idea to inspect your roof for damage every month? If you own a roof that was poorly built then this might be a good approach, although it’s usually less of a hassle – and less of an investment – to just have it replaced with a better one. Nevertheless, experts do admit that there are certain times of the year when even the best roofing systems should be checked for damage.


Roof inspections are important in the grand scheme of things. They will prevent smaller leaks from growing in size and causing costly damage to your home. They can also prevent undetected roof damage from allowing rainwater to damage the roof’s internal structure and lead to costly decking repairs or even the need to replace the entire roof structure just to avoid making your attic feel like a sauna.


While some homeowners might avoid checking their roofs more than once a year, if they just got a new one, some experts admit that it’s better to be safe than sorry, and to inspect your roof at least twice a year.


The first time you have a complete roof inspection and perform the required maintenance work should be at the beginning of spring when all the ice melts and you can see the damage that ice dams and other winter-related roofing issues might have caused. Another good time to contact a Wichita roofing company is at the end of summer, when the heat is strong and you have to prepare for sudden drops in temperature and the greater precipitation of the fall season.