How Long Does It Take to Have Your New Wichita Replacement Windows Shipped?

MidKansas Exteriors New Window Installation

Replacing the old window in your Wichita home with brand-new windows may aid in reducing air transfer and raising the overall energy performance of your property. However, one of the biggest questions many homeowners have is how long does it take to ship new Wichita replacement windows.

The solution is quite complicated because it depends on a number of variables, such as the type and style of windows you choose, the size of your order and the type of construction involved. If you order custom-made windows, it could take longer to arrive compared to when you purchase standard, pre-made window frames. However, most Wichita replacement window manufacturers adhere to a delivery timeframe of around two to three weeks.

When it comes to ordering your new windows, you may be tempted to take the easy route and choose something off the shelf. But doing this could result in a frustrating and costly experience as you may not be able to get the exact color, texture, or size you want, or it could take longer as the windows have to be ordered in from elsewhere. A better option is to go directly to a window manufacturer.

Once you place your order, your windows will be fabricated, glazed and then shipped. Although the wait might feel long at first, keep in mind that it will reflect the professionalism of a reliable manufacturer and the quality of the products you will get.  Working with local companies like MidKansas Exteriors can speed up the process of your window replacement project.