Home Repair Tips for The Year

Ask An Expert Roofing Company

Home maintenance and home repair are continuous processes, with seasonal tasks that need to be handled by homeowners. Here is a checklist:

  • Spring projects – when the winter is over, it is time to clean whatever debris it left behind and to correct whatever damage it has caused. Rake up the leaves and other debris from your landscape, prune your trees to remove dead parts and turn your outdoor faucets on to prepare for the time when you start watering your plants. Check your home exterior for any damage, paying special attention to the roof, the gutters, the downspouts and the siding and repair any fault caused by freezing weather, snow, rain and wind. Prepare your deck or patio as well – clean them and inspect them to detect faults, then repair whatever needs repair;
  • Summer repairs – this is the season when you will use your air conditioner a lot, so make sure it is functional. Summer is also the best time to paint and repair your fence and to implement pest control measures around your home;
  • Fall projects – this is when you should prepare your property for winter. Prune your plants and clean your landscape; have a Wichita roofing company inspect clean and repair your roof and your gutters and do the same on your deck or patio as well. At the end of the season, stop your sprinkles and move everything that can freeze to a safe space for the winter. Get your heating system tested and repaired before the first frost – who knows, maybe you will need it soon;
  • Winter jobs – in winter, most of your attention should be directed towards your roof. Rake the snow off it whenever it becomes too thick.