The Most Common Roofing Problems Seen During the Winter

Roofing Contractors Winter Roofs

Some people might think that the winter season is free of any roofing problems, since precipitation mostly involves snow, and so there aren’t many chances of leaks occurring. However, there’s usually a lot more to a problematic roof than just the leaks that are the end result of damaged flashing – which, incidentally, can be a common problem regardless of the season; yes, even in winter!


Condensation and the formation of ice dams due to poor ventilation and insulation are two of the main culprits behind most of the roofing problems you might face during the winter. Condensation causes moisture which can lead to the development of mold and mildew, damaging the internal structure of your roof and home over time. Ice dams can lead to a heavier load on your roof, accentuated by the build up of snow during a snow storm. The heavy load can cause internal damage and even cause your doors to be hard to open or close properly.


Nature also becomes somewhat of an enemy during the winter. The chance to find animals burrowing in certain areas of your roof in search of warmer accommodation and the chance of a storm blowing tree branches towards your roof and damaging it are much higher in the winter than in most of the other seasons. To prevent long term damage and problems, have Topeka roofing contractors inspect your roof regularly and call your local roofing experts, if you find anything out of place.

The Best Exterior Upgrades for Your Home

The exterior appearance of your home is as important as the interior, maybe even more important if you want to put your property on the market – after all, it is the exterior side of your building envelope that your potential buyers will see first. If you are currently looking for upgrades that are easy to do, affordable and make a huge difference, here are some tips for you:

  • Cleaning and adding a fresh coat of paint – whether you have masonry walls or your exterior walls are covered in siding panels, removing all the dirt from the surface and repainting the walls is an upgrade that you can do yourself. If the siding panels cannot be painted, stick to cleaning, then inspect them to see whether there are any panels that need repair or replacement and do the replacement, you may even want to consider a Topeka Roofing project;
  • Install planters – flowers add a touch of freshness and coziness to any building. Choose suitably sized planters and pick some plant varieties that are attractive, but not very labor-intensive;
  • Tend to your fencing and gate – cleaning and refreshing the appearance of your fence and entry gate is another easy and efficient upgrade. Check the fence and the door for damage, such as rust, rot, loose components and missing fasteners and take care of the repairs – the process will help you transform the fencing from shabby to classy.

Does Your Home Exterior Need Repair?

Roofing Contractors Doing Home Exterior Repairs

Neglecting your building’s exterior has many, harmful consequences – you will not only have to come home to an unattractive property day by day, but the decay will also affect your building’s functionality. Here are some signs to tell you that your building is badly in need of exterior repairs:

  • The ground around the house is covered in debris coming from the roof – if you see pieces of tiles or slate, shingle granules or other pieces of the material that your roof is made from fallen on the ground, your roof probably needs more than a little TLC. Grab a pair of binoculars and inspect the roof through them – if you see missing or damaged roof covering components, get ready for the repairs;
  • The gutters and the drains no longer work properly – this issue might be caused by clogs of debris inside the pipes and should be easy to fix;
  • Damage in your walls – if your siding is warping or you see cracks in it, if your masonry wall is crumbling or cracked, you should start elaborating the repair plan with the Topeka roofing contractors and you should also get the job done by the time freezing weather settles in to make sure your home is attractive, resistant to the harsh circumstances in winter and comfortable.

How New Windows And Doors Can Help Save You Money

Save With New MidKansas Windows And Doors

Changing your windows and doors with new ones is a smart decision which will prove to be economic in the long run. Newer products are made from improved materials and are based on technologies that make them more energy efficient. They are much better insulated, the surface temperature of the windows is regulated, doors seal up leaks and prevent drafts, so the air transfer is minimized.

In other words, new windows and doors will help you lower the energy bills and make your home more comfortable. But improved energy efficiency is not the only benefit.

Modern windows have better UV protection, which prevents damage to interior elements exposed to the sunlight (fading colors, material break down, dull, worn-out furnishings…).

Replacing both windows and doors also offers you the possibility to maximize natural light in your home. Natural light is mood-improving and creates a brighter interior, which will contribute to increasing your home value.

Modern doors and windows are also designed to have really precise, almost perfect finishes, which enhances the overall appearance of the rooms. You can choose from many designs and colors that will successfully complement any style and personal preference, choose from the wide selection of


Keeping Your Gutters In Great Shape This Fall

Get Gutter Guards Installed By Roofing Company

As the color of the leaves is starting to change, it is time to think about autumn maintenance operations. Keeping your gutters in top shape should be one of the priorities on your to-do list.

The importance of having clean and functional gutters is significant. Debris buildup creates a humid environment that not only promotes degradation, but also constitutes a perfect habitat for pests that may eventually infest your house. Clogged gutters also cause water leaks and home damage, so you should keep them clean. The right frequency for this operation is 3-4 times per year. Make sure you are extra careful during the autumn, when the falling leaves tend to accumulate in the gutters.

Start with an inspection. Besides becoming aware of the amount of dirt and debris accumulated in the gutters, you must also look for signs of structural damage caused by rust or missing elements and ensure the gutters are not loose.

Cleaning the gutters is not so complicated; you can hire specialists to do it, but you can also do it yourself, if you have a ladder, gardening gloves, a brush and a pressure washer. Remember, however, that safety comes first, so use extreme caution when climbing.

You can consider having a Wichita roofing company install gutter guards before the arrival of the fall, which will cut down significantly your maintenance time, from now on.

What Are the Main Signs That You Might Need a New Roof?

Signs You Need A Roofing Contractor To Repair Your Roof

Installing a new roof is in many cases a costly endeavor. However, while it’s not very lucrative to replace your old roof once every few years, there are cases when the signs clearly point to the necessity for a brand new roofing system:


  1. The most obvious case when your existing roof has to be replaced is when it is simply too old. The clearest sign that you need a new roof is if your existing roof shows signs of visible deterioration and its lifespan has already exceeded what the manufacturers considered to be its maximum lifespan. This is usually about 20 years for asphalt shingle roofing and 50 or more years for metal, concrete or slate.
  2. Your roof might not have been installed properly, in which case you will notice that most of the times you call in your Topeka roofing contractor for repairs, the repaired part of the roof will barely withstand a few more months of rain or wind. In these instances, it’s a good idea to stop trying to repair the old roof, and replace it with a brand new one.
  3. Another case when repairing your roof simply can’t do the trick is when the damage is too intense. Your roof might have been hit by a powerful hail storm or a fire. Another possible case is when the decking and underlayment were completely compromised and the entire roof has to be stripped down to make way for new repairs and a new set of shingles.

Eye Catching Home Exterior Designs for a More Traditional Setting

Eye Catching MidKansas Home Exteriors

The sky is the limit when it comes to using your creative skills to come up with unique and beautiful exterior designs for your home. Even if your options are somewhat limited due to the fact that you want to use primarily traditional decorations and items to achieve better curb appeal, you’ll find that there are still many considerations you can have and many beautiful solutions you can come up with.


Horizontal and diagonal siding can sometimes be a unique solution to the problem of what you want the main look of your home to appear like. Wood and fiber cement siding in particular can give your home a traditional look that will appeal to visitors, despite the unique design.


A flower garden placed next to a white picket fence is also a great option for a traditional American home. However, you can also consider mixing it up with a rock garden or with forming several levels to your existing garden, especially if your home is located on a slope.


It’s also a good idea to consider a new roof that mimics some of the traditional designs for roofing, while using newer and more resilient materials. Metal, for instance, can be made to mimic the appearance of wood shakes, while synthetic slate can be used in the place of natural slate to give your home a genuinely traditional appearance mixed with a few modern accents.  Take a look at

Checklist to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal Roofing Company Checklist

Your home’s curb appeal is important not only for impressing your visitors and your neighbors or for increasing its value before you put it out on the market – an attractive well-maintained home, with a neat landscape around the building and with a properly maintained fence to delimit your property is much more pleasant to come home to. If you want to improve the way your property looks, here is a checklist for you:

  • Do some painting – retouching the paint on your front door, on the fence, on the exterior walls and on the windows is a quick way to refresh the looks of your property. Depending on the size of your building, you might need scaffolding to reach the top of the building, so make sure you do it in a way that complies with legal requirements;
  • Straighten the gutters and fix the roof – the topmost layer of your building is likely to need at least some cleaning and so do the gutters, a visit from a top notch Wichita roofing company is important;
  • Clean the yard and the garden – remove all the dead, diseased or withered plants, prune the ones that you want to keep and remove all the debris from the yard, too. Your property will instantly look much better.

Attractive Color Palettes for Your Home Exterior

Match Topeka Roofing With Exterior Paint

Thoughtfully and carefully selected home exterior colors and Topeka roofing can significantly improve your building’s curb appeal – here are some of the most tasteful color palettes for classic and contemporary building exteriors:

  • Dark blue walls with white trims – the combination is attractive and easy to maintain, too. Inspired by buildings in the Mediterranean and the colors of the sea and the sky, blue and white together have an instant calming effect;


  • Hues of brown and beige, combined with white – beige walls, chocolate brown doors and shutters and a white trim create a tasteful, welcoming appearance and add class and style to any building;


  • Gray and cream – a cold gray on the wall, combined with a soothing, soft shade of cream is another choice that confers your home elegance;


  • Pastel colors toned down with cream – peach, light blue or pale apricot on the walls combined with beige or cream on the trim creates a cheerful look and works great with any plant around;


  • A dark color for the trims and a lighter hue for the base creates a bold, contemporary look – dark brown and sand, strawberry and cream might seem like daring combination, but they can look great on contemporary buildings.

Keeping Your Deck in Great Condition This Summer

Topeka Roofing And Patio

A deck is not only an extension of your home’s living space – it is a space that plays an important role in making your home comfortable during the hot months, the space where you can entertain your guests, where you can have breakfast or where you can just sit and rewind enjoying the great weather. To be able to do all that on your deck, you need to maintain the area – here are some tips how:

  • Perform a thorough inspection in spring – the freezing temperatures and the snow of winter are harsh on decks, so when the temperatures become comfortably warm in spring, include a thorough inspection and cleaning among your spring home maintenance tasks. Clean the deck, then inspect every inch of it, including the wooden parts, the railings, the exterior wall that the deck is attached to and remedy any fault that you find. Pay special attention to rust, rot, protruding fasteners and loose components. When everything is clean and repaired, treat the surfaces with suitable protective coatings to prevent the harm caused by water and harsh sunshine;
  • Clean the deck every week during the summer, too and inspect the deck after each major storm to find any damage before it becomes more severe.  For covered decks and matching the roofing call on the professionals at