Home Exterior Trends For 2020

2020 Roofing Trends Contractor Ideas

Are you seriously considering having Wichita roofing contractors renovate the exterior of the house in 2020? Do you want to add extra freshness and personality to your yard / garden? Do you want to have a house like in magazines? Although trends in exterior design tend to remain relevant for many years, new ideas are being introduced at the beginning of each year for more inspiration. Here are some of the most obvious for 2020:

Indoor comfort reflected outdoors

Outdoor relaxation areas have grown in popularity in recent years and will truly explode in 2020. It is no longer enough to just have a patio in the yard; you have to bring your indoor comfort outside, in nature. Hydromassage hot tubs, sofas, outdoor armchairs, outdoor kitchens, outdoor bars and barbecues are at the top of the list for those who want to spend as much of their free time in the garden.

Smart lights

When we think of smart home lighting technology, we often relate it exclusively to the interior. But with smart exterior systems, you can light the yard, garden or driveways with solar energy and provide additional safety and security with bulbs with motion sensors.

Landscaping – simplicity and comfort above all

Perhaps the biggest trend we will see in 2020 in exterior design is simplicity and functionality. Consider automatic sprinkler systems, lawn mowers, natural stone tiles for paving, decorative gravel and stones for alleys, as well as flowers in bright colors.