Will A New Deck Improve Your Home’s Value?

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Whether you want to put your house on the market or you just want to make some improvements, you would probably want to increase your home value. Adding a deck to your house not only would be a good investment, paying for itself in time, but it will make your home an enjoyable place to live.

The main reason to add a deck is to have some privacy and a place to spend some quality time with your friends and family at home. Considering that, it may seem more a personal choice than a necessity. But let’s take a look at the numbers. For example, by adding a new wood deck, you could spend around $9,450. But on the market, if you want to sell it, the value this deck adds to your house could be even $10,000. This means that a recently added wood deck will recover 106 % of its value.

Recent studies have shown that any renovation projects that you have for your home can recover up to 80% of its cost, but for decks, investments recovering can be recovered 100%, depending on the size and materials. But, besides this financial reason, a deck will increase your home’s value because it provides better functionality.  Match the old roofing with the new roofing with local Wichita roofing contractors help.

Home Repair Tips for The Year

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Home maintenance and home repair are continuous processes, with seasonal tasks that need to be handled by homeowners. Here is a checklist:

  • Spring projects – when the winter is over, it is time to clean whatever debris it left behind and to correct whatever damage it has caused. Rake up the leaves and other debris from your landscape, prune your trees to remove dead parts and turn your outdoor faucets on to prepare for the time when you start watering your plants. Check your home exterior for any damage, paying special attention to the roof, the gutters, the downspouts and the siding and repair any fault caused by freezing weather, snow, rain and wind. Prepare your deck or patio as well – clean them and inspect them to detect faults, then repair whatever needs repair;
  • Summer repairs – this is the season when you will use your air conditioner a lot, so make sure it is functional. Summer is also the best time to paint and repair your fence and to implement pest control measures around your home;
  • Fall projects – this is when you should prepare your property for winter. Prune your plants and clean your landscape; have a Wichita roofing company inspect clean and repair your roof and your gutters and do the same on your deck or patio as well. At the end of the season, stop your sprinkles and move everything that can freeze to a safe space for the winter. Get your heating system tested and repaired before the first frost – who knows, maybe you will need it soon;
  • Winter jobs – in winter, most of your attention should be directed towards your roof. Rake the snow off it whenever it becomes too thick.

Add Value to Your Home In 2020 With These Renovations

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Home renovation projects by MidKansas Exteriors professionals are intended to make homes more attractive and more comfortable and they serve one further important purpose: they are performed to increase the value of the home. The best projects that serve this later purpose are the ones that can be carried out keeping the related costs at low levels – here are some such renovations:

  • Increasing the living space – adding a deck or a patio is a great, entertaining and creative project that can be done DIY fashion. Use your imagination and an online design application that you can use for free (there are lots of them), then shop around for the materials and get down to work;
  • Finish your basement – basements in most homes are used for storing unused items and clutter. The space can be easily transformed into a useful space that can serve as an entertainment room, a playroom for the kids, a music room or a man cave;
  • Add a fresh coat of paint – painting is another low-cost, fun project, inside the home as well as on the exterior. Pick a day when the weather is dry and warm and bring out your painting rollers – a new hue will instantly transform your home’s appearance, making it look a million bucks.

What You Should Know About Roof Repairs During December

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Roof repairs are possible throughout the year, December being no exception. However, the low temperatures and the snowing or the freezing rain that characterizes the month does impose certain limitations – here are some and some tips to tackle them:

  • Roof repair materials might behave differently in freezing weather – glues and other adhesives might lose their adhesive properties when the temperature drops under 40 degrees and asphalt shingles might become brittle, so before doing any work that involves these materials, you must consult the product labels to find out if the materials can be used in really cold circumstances, better yet, consult Topeka roofing experts;
  • The job site might be dangerous – surfaces can become slippery in cold weather, so never attempt any work on your roof without wearing proper work clothes and without using personal fall arrest systems. Don’t forget that any surface, even the ones that look perfectly dry, might become covered in an invisible layer of ice, so move carefully and always hold onto something firmly fixed while moving around on your roof;
  • Your body also behaves differently in cold weather – frostbite and dehydration can affect your body without you feeling it, so never spend more than half an hour on the roof at a time and spend your breaks in a warm room, drinking warm liquids, such as tea.

Why Is It So Important to Check Your Home’s Insulation Levels?

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You probably already know all too well that proper insulation is essential to keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In some areas, where the winters are very cold, keeping all the heat generated by the HVAC system inside is a necessity, and failure to do so often results in the HVAC unit having to work overtime, using up more fuel and energy, and ultimately breaking down sooner.


Insulation levels, however, are extremely important to keep track of. While having insulation is a must, it’s not enough to just have any amount of it. There is actually a standard that applies to each geographic area based on its latitude and proximity to the ocean or mountains – which typically dictates the type of climate and weather you’ll find there.


Based on these factors, experts decide how much insulation a typical home might need as a minimum amount in order to be considered up to code. While you are usually free to add more, that minimum amount means you can’t add less.


Having your home insulation at an optimal level can help with a lot of things beside just keeping your home warm in the winter. It will also ensure that your home doesn’t fail any inspections, and that it will be valued higher by home appraisers. Moreover, in the event that you want to sell it, any real estate agent or buyer will recognize the value of buying a home with the ideal level of insulation and paying top dollar for it as well.  For insulation installation, contact https://midkansasexteriors.com/topeka.html.

How to Prevent Ice Dams – The Most Important Winter Roofing Tips

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Ice dams can really become a problem, whether as a direct or indirect threat to your roof’s structural integrity. By putting extra weight on your roof and adding even more pressure by trapping a larger quantity of snow and ice on your actual roof, ice dams can often cause parts of the roof to fail. In most cases, the damage will be clearly seen in the spring, and it will also be quite expensive to fix.


The best thing you can do is eliminate the problem before it even happen – by removing the ice dams as a factor. Doing so will, of course, not be an easy task. However, with a few simple tips, you can do it even if you’re not an expert roofer:


  1. The first thing you can do is block all the crevices and cracks where heat can escape from the attic. By closing up all attic bypasses, you can reduce the effects of condensation and keep heat inside, thereby not only saving energy but making it harder for ice dams to form.
  2. If your attic insulation is not up to par with the standards in your area, add more until your home meets the required standards.
  3. Add roof vents to create a buffer temperature area between the surface of your roof and the interior of the home. While your insulation should do the trick to ensure that condensation doesn’t form, roof vents can take it to the next level ensuring that no excess humidity makes it to the roof to lead to the formation of ice dams.  For expert roofing help, look to local companies such as MidKansas Exteriors for professional roofing services.

Is Roof Maintenance Still an Important Chore During the Winter Season?

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rom buying decorations to renovating your home before the holidays, the start of the winter season can be a very busy time. For most homeowners, it can be overwhelmingly busy, and adding more chores and tasks to the mix just isn’t something you’d really want.


Unfortunately, all your efforts can be compromised if you ignore one important chore that could make or break your holidays: roof maintenance.


Why would you need roof maintenance in the winter? It’s simple:


  • A poorly designed roof can gather ice and snow, which puts added strain on it and can lead to a lot of damage.
  • Bad insulation and ventilation can lead to ice dams and a cold attic, which will compromise your work when it comes to heating the rest of your home as well.
  • If you don’t take proper care of your roof, any time it gets warmer, or when the spring arrives, you’ll find yourself facing problems such as leaks and damaged areas that were not there before in the fall.


The lack of proper roof maintenance during the winter season can lead to a lot of issues and expenses that normally shouldn’t add more burdens to your life. Instead, make sure you take care of all the maintenance issues as soon as possible – preferably before December even starts and by Wichita roofing contractors that come recommended – so you and your family can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing winter holiday season.

How New Siding Can Increase Home Resale Value?

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First impressions matter in any encounter – when it comes to the first time when your potential buyers meet your property, the building component that will create that impression will be the siding on your building. This also means that the siding is among the most important components of your building envelope, a component that not only adds resale value to your home, but can make or break the deal. Here is why investing into new siding is a great idea if you are looking for renovations with a high resale value:

  • Enhanced curb appeal – this feature is surely a no-bainer, new siding looks better than old, warping or otherwise damaged panels and contributes to making a positive first impression upon the potential buyer;
  • Increased energy-efficiency – new siding panels are free from the cracks, holes or other structural issues that make old, damaged panels inefficient in terms of energy preservation. Replacing old panels will significantly reduce the amount of energy that your home needs to maintain interior temperatures comfortable the year around;
  • Enhanced protection for the entire building envelope – one of the principle roles of siding is to protect your exterior walls from the elements, so new panels allow you to up the asking price because your buyer will know that your building is safe from the harm caused by extreme weather.  Call https://midkansasexteriors.com/.

Tips for Staying on Track with Home Maintenance and Repairs

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Living in a house comes with lots of perks, such as the increased comfort offered by the larger space, increased privacy and freedom, but it also involves constant repair and maintenance work to preserve all that. If you feel overwhelmed with the tasks you are required to do around your property, here are some tips to make it easier for you to stay on track:

  • Exterior repairs – if your home is currently in less-than-perfect shape on the outside, you first of all need to perform a detailed assessment of what needs to be repaired. Clean the roof, the gutters, the siding panels as well as the fence and inspect every inch on architecture for damage. If you find many things that need repair, create a list of priorities and start working right away or enlist the services of a notable Wichita roofing company;
  • Interior repairs – follow the same procedure inside your home, too. Prioritize the tasks – do the repairs that influence usability first and move on to cosmetic repairs later;
  • Maintain the results – most property components need six-monthly inspections. Schedule the checks for each major part of your home and allocate sifficient time for the necessary repairs, too – once the major repairs on your home are complete, the regular inspections are likely to reveal only minor issues, but you need to fix them in a timely manner to prevent aggravation.

Things To Consider Before Your Home Exterior Upgrade

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A home exterior upgrade is a project that requires proper evaluation and planning, just to be sure that everything goes smoothly and with no wrong turns, such as going over budget or hiring a shady contractor which will fail to deliver the expected results.

There are a few things to consider before starting such a project, in order to avoid a lot of regrets and headaches.

  1. Make your mind about the results you want to achieve. Browse home decorating magazines or websites such as Pinterest to get design inspiration and ideas for your exterior upgrade. Decide whether the upgrade is cosmetic or structural.
  2. Visit local design centers and make general estimates on the price of different materials and labor.
  3. Have a consultation, atleast with two or more Wichita roofing contractors who can help you understand whether your project is workable, or you should think about something else. For example, what seems to be a simple project can get awfully difficult and expensive if it requires complicated plumbing configuration.
  4. Choose a reliable contractor (after a careful evaluation!) and make a very specific contract that should include payment schedule and conditions, timeline, penalties and details on the entire work for your home exterior upgrade.