Is Roof Maintenance Still an Important Chore During the Winter Season?

FWinter Roof Maintenance Roofing Contractors

rom buying decorations to renovating your home before the holidays, the start of the winter season can be a very busy time. For most homeowners, it can be overwhelmingly busy, and adding more chores and tasks to the mix just isn’t something you’d really want.


Unfortunately, all your efforts can be compromised if you ignore one important chore that could make or break your holidays: roof maintenance.


Why would you need roof maintenance in the winter? It’s simple:


  • A poorly designed roof can gather ice and snow, which puts added strain on it and can lead to a lot of damage.
  • Bad insulation and ventilation can lead to ice dams and a cold attic, which will compromise your work when it comes to heating the rest of your home as well.
  • If you don’t take proper care of your roof, any time it gets warmer, or when the spring arrives, you’ll find yourself facing problems such as leaks and damaged areas that were not there before in the fall.


The lack of proper roof maintenance during the winter season can lead to a lot of issues and expenses that normally shouldn’t add more burdens to your life. Instead, make sure you take care of all the maintenance issues as soon as possible – preferably before December even starts and by Wichita roofing contractors that come recommended – so you and your family can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing winter holiday season.

How New Siding Can Increase Home Resale Value?

New Siding Improves Home Value MidKansas Exteriors

First impressions matter in any encounter – when it comes to the first time when your potential buyers meet your property, the building component that will create that impression will be the siding on your building. This also means that the siding is among the most important components of your building envelope, a component that not only adds resale value to your home, but can make or break the deal. Here is why investing into new siding is a great idea if you are looking for renovations with a high resale value:

  • Enhanced curb appeal – this feature is surely a no-bainer, new siding looks better than old, warping or otherwise damaged panels and contributes to making a positive first impression upon the potential buyer;
  • Increased energy-efficiency – new siding panels are free from the cracks, holes or other structural issues that make old, damaged panels inefficient in terms of energy preservation. Replacing old panels will significantly reduce the amount of energy that your home needs to maintain interior temperatures comfortable the year around;
  • Enhanced protection for the entire building envelope – one of the principle roles of siding is to protect your exterior walls from the elements, so new panels allow you to up the asking price because your buyer will know that your building is safe from the harm caused by extreme weather.  Call

Tips for Staying on Track with Home Maintenance and Repairs

Exterior Home Repair Wichita Roofing Company

Living in a house comes with lots of perks, such as the increased comfort offered by the larger space, increased privacy and freedom, but it also involves constant repair and maintenance work to preserve all that. If you feel overwhelmed with the tasks you are required to do around your property, here are some tips to make it easier for you to stay on track:

  • Exterior repairs – if your home is currently in less-than-perfect shape on the outside, you first of all need to perform a detailed assessment of what needs to be repaired. Clean the roof, the gutters, the siding panels as well as the fence and inspect every inch on architecture for damage. If you find many things that need repair, create a list of priorities and start working right away or enlist the services of a notable Wichita roofing company;
  • Interior repairs – follow the same procedure inside your home, too. Prioritize the tasks – do the repairs that influence usability first and move on to cosmetic repairs later;
  • Maintain the results – most property components need six-monthly inspections. Schedule the checks for each major part of your home and allocate sifficient time for the necessary repairs, too – once the major repairs on your home are complete, the regular inspections are likely to reveal only minor issues, but you need to fix them in a timely manner to prevent aggravation.

Things To Consider Before Your Home Exterior Upgrade

Things To Consider When Hiring Roofing Contractors

A home exterior upgrade is a project that requires proper evaluation and planning, just to be sure that everything goes smoothly and with no wrong turns, such as going over budget or hiring a shady contractor which will fail to deliver the expected results.

There are a few things to consider before starting such a project, in order to avoid a lot of regrets and headaches.

  1. Make your mind about the results you want to achieve. Browse home decorating magazines or websites such as Pinterest to get design inspiration and ideas for your exterior upgrade. Decide whether the upgrade is cosmetic or structural.
  2. Visit local design centers and make general estimates on the price of different materials and labor.
  3. Have a consultation, atleast with two or more Wichita roofing contractors who can help you understand whether your project is workable, or you should think about something else. For example, what seems to be a simple project can get awfully difficult and expensive if it requires complicated plumbing configuration.
  4. Choose a reliable contractor (after a careful evaluation!) and make a very specific contract that should include payment schedule and conditions, timeline, penalties and details on the entire work for your home exterior upgrade.


How Will Buying a New Roof Increase Curb Appeal for Your Home?

Roofing Contractors Installed New Roof

Buying a new roof can be a great initiative, especially if your old roof was tattered and looked like it was about to fall apart. Additionally, if you want to sell your home, curb appeal is very important, and that’s precisely what a brand new roof will provide you with.


Now, there are many methods to achieve improved curb appeal, including growing a new garden, planting trees, installing an outdoor kitchen and dining area, and repainting your home. However, none of them holds a candle to the appeal that a new roof would give.


Buying a new roof can provide you with the opportunity to change the entire look of your home in an imposing way. Your roof will tower above all other changes you might make and capture the attention of anyone who might pass by your home or come to visit.


Additionally, a custom roof design by recommended Wichita roofing contractors can immediately add a unique look to your home. Everyone will notice the difference between an oriental design and a Spanish colonial roof that would look more traditional in the South. So next time you want to increase your home’s curb appeal, the option of buying a new roof will definitely be worth considering.

The Most Significant Benefits of New Home Insulation That You Have to Know About

Home Exteriors And Insulation  In MidKansas

Buying a new home or dealing with the inadequacies of an older home can be equally frustrating. On the one hand, you might know very little about the new upgrades that your newly purchased home might require; and on the other hand, having an older home might not leave you too much room for leveraging what you have, instead of scrapping everything and starting a new construction project.


Fortunately, one aspect about home remodeling is just as simple as it is practical. Adding new home insulation is a process that is very similar today to how it was approached decades ago, and only the quality of the insulating materials themselves has changed.


Home insulation has to be done in accordance to the climate and temperature conditions in the area you live in, checking with professionals in your area like MidKansas Exteriors can be very helpful in this process. If you live in a tropical region with lots of sun and heat, there will only be need for a couple of extra layers, if any at all. On the other hand, if you live in the north, where temperatures can go below zero quite easily in the winter, then you might need 3-4 added layers or even more than that.


The advantages of new home insulation can include a less prominent need for heating your home, since the insulation will trap the heat and prevent it from escaping. Also, your new home insulation might even offer better protection against fire and water damage, which can come in handy depending on where you live.

Protecting Your Roof During Severe Storms

A Roofing Company Can Repair Roof After Storm Damage

Storms often cause ravages with roofs. Roof shingles and tiles improperly fixed can be pulled from the structure by strong winds and thrown around, endangering the safety of people and things in the area.

There is nothing much you can do to protect your roof during severe storms, but you can invest in the installation and regular maintenance of a quality roof, designed to withstand the climate in your area and which is significantly less likely to fail.

Always call the services of a professional roofer for installation, repair and maintenance!

Often, it is cheaper to improvise, but with regard to the roof, it is advisable to allow an experienced specialist to handle measurements, calculations and to recommend materials, even in the case of temporary or improvised constructions.

The quality of the roofing materials affects the durability of the roof

Specialist roofers with a Wichita roofing company recommend people to avoid making compromises when choosing roofing materials. Cover materials as well as the accessories – they all affect the roof’s resistance to weathering. In addition, your investment must reflect in the durability of the roof.

Choose an experienced team for installation

Unless you are not an experienced roofer yourself, do not try to improvise or do complicated roof operations on your own, just for the sake of saving some bucks.

How to Determine if Reflective Roof Paint Is Actually Right for Your Home

Reflective Roof Paint

In some cases, reflective roof paint can be a real lifesaver. Not only can it keep homes cool and prevent you from spending a fortune on the energy required to cool your home in the summer, but it can also make your home look cool and protect your health at the same time.


However, depending on certain circumstances, reflective paint isn’t as useful as it seems. For instance, if you live in an area where the weather is mostly cold and there isn’t a lot of sunshine all year round, you might want to opt for a darker shade of color, since that would at least absorb some heat and keep your home warm.


Also, in extremely warm areas, reflective paint might not help much without taking additional measures to cool your home. Making sure you have good ventilation, an adequate amount of attic insulation and a reliable roof coating product should be in the works to make sure you can complement the benefits that your reflective roof paint might bring.


Ultimately, it’s always best to ask for a second opinion. Before you consider buying your new reflective paint, make sure you get advice from your local Wichita roofing contractors and have them take a look at your roof to see if you’re making the right choice. Different types of roofing can work differently with reflective paint, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

What Is Shingle Recycling?

What Are The Benefits To Recycling Roofing

Statistics show that 10 million tons of shingles removed each year from buildings in the United States can be recycled. However, only a small part of them actually go through a recycling process, while the others end up in landfills.

There are many benefits of recycling shingles and this is why this process must be encouraged, and is encouraged by a well respected Wichita roofing company continuously: it is convenient, it makes a positive environmental contribution and it is economically viable. If shingles are recycled into other materials, the costs for producing those materials will be lower

Shingles are made from different materials. Asphalt shingles contain fiber cement, sand and mineral fillers that are also the ingredients used in road construction. Consequently, shingles can get repurposed as road pavement or patching material, if they are mixed with gravel, ground asphalt and concrete. Additionally, old shingles can be used in manufacturing new shingles, or as fuel in some industries.

Asphalt shingles are not the only roof coverings that can be recycled. Metal and wood roofs, as well as PVC membranes can also be reprocessed and repurposed, once they are taken down from an old roof.

According to different roofing manufacturers associations, shingle recycling is available in most markets in the US and this trend is expected to grow in the future, as people become more and more aware of the benefits.

Why Should You Hire A Roofer For Snow Removal?

Why Hire A Roofer For Snow Removal

In most of the cases, snow buildup on a roof does not pose much of a problem, unless it snows heavily, in a short period of time, and the snow layer becomes thick. The thaw-freezing cycle may cause ice dams on the roof, which prevent melt water from flowing down, as well as the formation of icicles.

A thick layer of snow can be too much of a burden for fragile roofs and some may collapse. Even roofs in better condition can sag, not to mention that vents and chimneys may be blocked, which will result in other problems. The layer of snow on the roof can also break unexpectedly and collapse on people passing by underneath, causing potential personal injuries.

In these circumstances, snow removal from the roof is the best solution. Although it might be tempting to save money and do it yourself, removing the snow buildup on a roof can involve several risks, including damaging roofing material or falling from the roof.

Hiring a licensed and insured Topeka roofing professional for snow removal keeps you and your roof safe. Specialists are equipped with the right tools and have the necessary experience to do the job right. Another pro is that they will also let you know if your roof was damaged by the layer of snow.