Gutter Systems & Maintenance

Gutters can attract dirt and debris, and thus can easily become blocked. If blocked, a gutter system can no longer perform its intended function: that of directing water from the roof down to the ground. This can lead to water accumulations, which generate roof leaks, corrosion, and so on.

In spite of all these, gutters tend to be neglected when it comes to roof maintenance issues. Nevertheless, there are certain things that building and homeowners can do to make sure they maintain this important part of their house or commercial building.

First of all, gutters should be inspected regularly. In fact, regular Wichita roofing contractors inspections should be part of the standard maintenance plan for any building. Roofs should be inspected at least two times a year and even more often if that building is located in the proximity of trees.

While you are having your roof inspected, you should look out for certain worrying signs. Apart from being clogged with debris or fallen branches, gutters may also not have enough outlet capacity, particularly if your gutters are old. This problem can be reduced by creating more outlets or increasing the capacity of previous outlets.

Another important detail is to install a proper gutter lining. Waterproof membranes can also help a lot.