Good Reasons To Hire Insurance Adjusters

Do we need to hire insurance adjusters, or are they simply there, working for the insurance company? The answer can be found in the fact that there are three types of adjusters and there are significant differences between them. They work for different employers and, consequently, they are paid differently.

  • Staff adjusters are insurance companies’ full-time employees. They evaluate damages, prepare claims etc. – everything on behalf of the company that they represent, they work directly with Wichita roofing contractors and other professionals.
  • Independent adjusters are also hired by insurance companies, but the difference from the former is the way they are employed. Independent adjusters register with Adjusting Agencies and are being sent to insurance companies that hire them for specific situations, such as natural catastrophes. These professionals tend to be a cost-effective solution and this is why more and more companies choose to hire them for other damages too: vandalism, fire etc.
  • Public adjusters represent the type of professionals that can be hired by policyholders, to represent their best interests, anytime they feel that the insurance company fails to offer them proper compensation. Public adjusters do not deal with the initial evaluation and claim estimate; they just determine whether it is fair or not and act on behalf of the claimants, helping them get the best value for the damage they experienced. People can consider hiring these professional anytime they feel like the insurance company is not treating them right.