Getting Your Home Ready For September Storms In The Midwest

Keep Your Home Ready To Withstand Storms

The climate in the Midwest is rainy, from spring to fall. In many parts of the region, rainfalls occur several days a week. In the cold season, snow is more or less common in different areas of the region.

Weather hazards here include tornados, especially during May-June, but they may also occur later in summer. Drought is also common in September, as well as flooding (especially in lower areas of the Midwest), caused by heavy rain falls.

In these climatic conditions, homeowners should make a priority from getting their homes ready for potentially severe weather manifestations.

Roof maintenance

The roof represents a building`s first line of defense against the elements. It must be inspected and maintained regularly by professional Topeka roofing contractors to prevent vulnerabilities. It is best to let these operations in the hands of roofing specialists, who are properly equipped to check all the roof`s elements and related systems.

Gutter cleaning

The drainage system is formed by gutters and downspouts, designed to collect the water from the roof. However, clogged gutters will fail to accomplish their purpose, so they should be cleaned periodically from debris accumulation.

Trim the vegetation from your yard

In September, vegetation is mature and fully grown, so you should consider some trimming and pruning, just to be sure that no branches risk falling on your roof or breaking your windows, during a storm.