Expert Tips for Maintaining Your Replacement Windows in Wichita

Replacement Window Tips Homeowners Need To Know

Replacement windows are now made of modern materials, such as PVC or laminated wood. The characteristics of these materials make them much more durable, efficient and easy to maintain, compared with the old natural wood windows.

However, for optimal and correct operation, these windows also need regular maintenance, even as the windows are modern and new.

  • Cleaning the thermal insulating glass

A cleaning spray, soap or detergent and a damp cloth are enough to remove dirt and make your windows bright and shiny.

  • Proper maintenance of gaskets

Gaskets have an important role in terms of sound and thermal insulation of windows, so they must be properly maintained too, to avoid any problems that may arise. They must be wiped with a damp and soft cloth, on a regular basis.

  • Hardware maintenance

The hardware ensures the optimal functionality and resistance in time of the carpentry, which is why it is important to maintain it properly. You can use a special oil in this regard, spraying it on metal elements.


Other useful tips for maintaining your replacement windows Wichita homeowners need to know:

  • Avoid abrasive cleaning agents
  • Avoid substances that contain acetone-based solvents
  • Avoid hard cleaning items
  • Avoid abrasives for gaskets
  • Do not use sharp objects for glass