Evaluating the Basic Requirements for a Residential Roof Replacement Project

Need New Roof Replacement Repairs DIY

Whether you’re planning to set up a new roof as a DIY project, or you want to hire Topeka roofing contractors for the job, it’s very important to consider the most basic and important requirements of setting up any residential re-roofing job.


The first thing to consider is what type of roof you own and what type of roof you want to replace it with. For some roofing varieties, such as asphalt shingle, it may be possible to add more layers on top without stripping down the entire roof. For others, you can consider removing only the top layer (the flashing and shingles), but leave the rest intact, especially depending on the type of roof you want to install.


The costs will have to be discussed beforehand, and it’s typically good practice to ask your contractor to give you a detailed, written estimate. This is done so that the homeowner will know precisely how much they have to pay upfront and in total, without having any surprises later on.


Finally, make sure you think about the amount of time the roofing job takes, the specific times when your roofer (or you) will be working, and how it will affect your family and your neighbors. In many cases, it’s possible to choose times and periods of the week when people are less likely to be disturbed by the noise and the presence of the workers on your property.