Do Roofing Contractors in Wichita, KS, Prefer Heavier Roofing Materials?

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Professional Wichita roofing contractors are trained and experienced to work with all kind of roofing materials, to meet the preferences of their clients, but when it comes to recommending certain materials, they take into account several important things, such as the local climate and the latest innovation in the roofing market.

To answer the question in the title – no, roofing contractors in Wichita, KS, do not necessarily prefer heavier roofing materials, although slate, concrete and clay tiles are great options that they do recommend on a regular basis, due to their amazing properties and efficiency.

But they also recommend very often lightweight roofing materials, such a metal shingles, which also perform superbly and have the advantage to be a good match even for buildings with more fragile resistance structures, without endangering their structural integrity. Metal roofs are very resistant to severe weather – strong winds, hail, UV exposure, temperature variations heavy snow loads and so on. They need very little maintenance and will last even 50 years.

Considering the local climate in Wichita, roofing contractors like also recommend Class IV impact resistant shingles made with polymer-modified asphalt.  There are insurance companies that offer a premium discount for these roofing systems. These are not very heavy roofing materials either.