Is concrete siding the best solution for your home?

The answer is simple: yes. However, you do not have to take anything for granted, so here is a list with all the advantages that this material has to offer.

  • Purchasing and installation are more cost-effective in the long run
  • Concrete siding is very durable and requires only little maintenance
  • It provides protection against various weather conditions (wind, snow, hailstorm, ultraviolet rays) and it can withstand temperature variations; it is also rated class A, when it comes to fire resistance
  • Concrete siding can be used over insulation and other weather barriers, for increased protection and energy-efficiency
  • This material is listed as durable and sustainable by the Green Building Council
  • Concrete trim boards are available in various sizes, suitable for any project; they may be pre-painted or natural (in which case paint must be added within 90 days after installation)
  • Installed by specialists, concrete siding comes with warranties up to 50 years
  • Another benefit that derives from its durability consists in lower premiums offered by insurance companies

There are also some downsides related to this siding material, for example the fact that it requires more manpower for installation than lightweight materials like vinyl; however, the advantages are incomparable, which makes concrete siding a wise investment.  In fact it has been the product of choice for a Wichita roofing company that is determined to install only the best.