Common Insulation Tips for Topeka KS Roofing Systems

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Roof insulation is a project whose importance is – or should be! – well known. We all want a comfortable temperature in our house all year round and low maintenance costs. This is possible with the help of thermal insulation applied on the exterior and interior wall, but also with adequate roof insulation, considering that the tremendous heat loss (about 30% of the total) occurs through the roof. Therefore, if you are at this stage and want to achieve perfect quality roof insulation, go through this article to find a few insulation tips for Topeka, KS, roofing systems.

  1. Choose the suitable insulation material

It is essential to know that existing thermal insulation materials have characteristics that make them suitable for different applications. One of the professional roofing contractors Topeka has is best able to determine the most suitable material for your needs, so base your choice on the advice of the experts.

  1. Install an anti-condensation film as the first layer

The insulation material you have chosen must not be mounted directly on the roof’s surface; the first layer should be a waterproofing (protective) film. Waterproofing is essential because it limits the loss of hot or cold air through the joining materials.

  1. Install a vapor barrier

The vapor barrier is also significant because it prevents condensation and moisture from reaching the insulation layer, so it will not lose its thermal properties.