Can You Build Your Own Residential Roof from Scratch?

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If you have technical skills and some experience in the field, you can build your residential roof from scratch. However, such a project is not recommended if you consider a more complex roof, as it is easy to make mistakes or get injured, so hiring a notable Wichita roofing company with the expertise should be considered.

But a simple roof, single-sloped, which can cover typical homes, as well as annexes to the main building, is a reasonably accessible project which does not require highly specialized knowledge or resources that exceed the possibilities of a person. In addition, such a roof is lightweight, so it does not require additional concerns about the resistance structure and will easily fit into the budget estimation.

A single-sloped roof can be built in a relatively short time. The design has increased functionality and reliability. The essential preparations include making the correct measurements and creating a detailed plan.

You will have to do some calculations to determine the amount of material. Accuracy is essential here, and miscalculations can lead to significant problems, including waste of money and personal effort. The best way is to use a roofing calculator, which will help you determine the work area and the material required.

The roofing plan should consist of a drawing that must include the roof`s style and shape, the dimensions, the necessary materials, and the truss spacing.