Can New Siding Help Save You Money on Your Energy Bill?

Energy Bill Savings

The siding on your building plays multiple roles – it is not only a component that defines your home’s appearance, but also an element that protects the building against the weather and helps maintain the home’s interior energy balance that you need so much for comfort and for keeping energy bills at bay. Here is how siding replacement can further increase your energy-related savings:

  • R-ratings and materials – siding made from the right material and combined with insulation of suitable thickness underneath reduces the thermal bridge effect, that is, the heat transfer back and forth between the home’s interior and the exterior. Siding materials come with a parameter called the R-rating that indicates the material’s ability to form an efficient thermal barrier between the building and the exterior space. Stucco and vinyl are currently awarded the highest R-rating, while aluminium and cement come with lower ratings, your local Topeka roofing contractors install high rating materials;
  • Blocking the sun – your siding can not only keep the heat inside during the cold months, it can also keep the heat outside in summer. The best materials reflect the sun’s rays, rather than absorbing them, so the panels don’t get hot, thus making sure that your rooms stay comfortably cool even when it is scorching hot outside.