Benefits of Concrete Shingles – Great and Simple Solutions for Durable Roofs

Roofs made using concrete shingles are becoming more and more popular these days – small wonder, this great, modern material cut into attractive shapes and available in many different colors can be used in any environment and on any type of construction – here are some of the most important benefits:

  • Cost-effectiveness – concrete shingles are not only among the cheapest roofing materials, but they also offer the best cost-to-quality ratio.


  • Easy installation – unlike many other materials, concrete shingles do not require a professional to install. As always, hiring an expert to do it for you does come with huge benefits, but if you would like to cut the costs of expert labor and you are comfortable working on roofs, you can put up your shingles yourself.


  • Variety – whatever the appearance or the age of your building, you can surely find the concrete shingles that match it in shape, color and texture. Asphalt shingles are also available in many different styles such as laminated, luxury or premium and many varieties confer a 3D look to the roof.  Check with Topeka roofing contractors with experience working with concrete shingles to do the installation.


  • Durability – shingles are warranted for about 17-20 years, but they usually live longer, so you can expect your new shingle roof to protect your home for longer that two decades.