Attractive Color Palettes for Your Home Exterior

Match Topeka Roofing With Exterior Paint

Thoughtfully and carefully selected home exterior colors and Topeka roofing can significantly improve your building’s curb appeal – here are some of the most tasteful color palettes for classic and contemporary building exteriors:

  • Dark blue walls with white trims – the combination is attractive and easy to maintain, too. Inspired by buildings in the Mediterranean and the colors of the sea and the sky, blue and white together have an instant calming effect;


  • Hues of brown and beige, combined with white – beige walls, chocolate brown doors and shutters and a white trim create a tasteful, welcoming appearance and add class and style to any building;


  • Gray and cream – a cold gray on the wall, combined with a soothing, soft shade of cream is another choice that confers your home elegance;


  • Pastel colors toned down with cream – peach, light blue or pale apricot on the walls combined with beige or cream on the trim creates a cheerful look and works great with any plant around;


  • A dark color for the trims and a lighter hue for the base creates a bold, contemporary look – dark brown and sand, strawberry and cream might seem like daring combination, but they can look great on contemporary buildings.