Areas Of Your Home That Might Be A Source Of Heat Loss

Areas Of Heat Loss MidKansas Home Exteriors

Identifying the key point for heat leaking helps you weatherproof your house and keep it warm. Finding and sealing these areas in your home also means lower heating costs, especially during wintertime, which for many homeowners is a real struggle.

Heat leaking often occurs through cracks and openings in the attic, the biggest place in a house that can lose heat. This happens because attic insulation is often overlooked or because of the lacking insulation above the access hatch such as pipes holes and vents. Pipes, fans, and vents often create gaps or even holes because of the fixtures installed through walls, which can cause heat loss.

Another major source of heat loss is inefficient windows. The gaps formed between windows and doors represent about 20-25% of total heat loss a house. An important source of heat leaking are also the metal-framed windows without glazing.

It may seem a little paradox, but a chimney can cause heat loss. We all know that a fireplace is the heating source but an open chimney is a real source of heat leaks once the fire faded out. Up to 70% of heat in a room is lost this way.

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