Are Wood Shakes Better Than Metal Roofing in Wichita KS?

Metal Roofing Topeka Home Roofer

Wichita’s continental climate often makes it difficult even for experienced roofers to recommend and install a roof that is expected to withstand all the stressors that would normally hit your local area. From cold winters to uncommonly hot summers, Wichita KS has pretty much seen it all, and the winds and storms that you might experience could easily do a number on your roof, if you don’t keep it well-maintained.


Wood shakes are typically a great solution for most areas, since they’re strong, they can keep your home safe and warm, and they can easily last for up to 30-40 years with good maintenance. Unfortunately, the challenging Wichita climate can make it hard to keep your wood shake roof intact for very long.


Although the hot and humid summers will not make your roof prone to fire hazards, the increased moisture and the wide temperature differences between summer and winter will likely lead to your roof needing to be repaired pretty often.


In contrast, metal roofing Topeka KS companies recommend is because it’s stronger, low-maintenance and more durable in the long run. Metal roofs are also better able to withstand winds, hail and snowstorms, making them better equipped to keep your home safe when the weather goes bad.