Are There Special Roofing Requirements for Kansas Homes?

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Kansas is one of the most challenging places to buy a roof. You’ll find that you might have to do a significant amount of research when trying to shop for roofing products that will deal with the problematic weather conditions in the state of Kansas almost regardless of where you live:


  1. Dealing with wind damage: It doesn’t take a tornado to mess up your roof or your home. In Kansas, wind damage is common even when there are no tornadoes or bad storms, and the problems it can cause to your roof may be very costly. So one of the main requirements for your new roof is for it to be heavy duty and resilient enough to withstand strong winds. We recommend metal or concrete roofing for this purpose.
  2. Storm damage and sudden temperature changes: Storm damage is also a problem, and to avoid it you have to get a roof that features sturdy metal flashing and either a metal, concrete, clay or slate exterior. Tile roofing is ideal for preventing individual tiles from being damaged by hail wind or rain over time. Be careful with the type of metal you get if temperatures change very fast, since metal tends to contract and dilate depending on heat changes.
  3. Get a low maintenance system: A metal or clay roof will provide adequate protection with minimal maintenance from one of the Topeka roofing contractors. Failing to get a low-maintenance roofing system can lead to frequent repairs which will add up over time. As such, a cheap asphalt shingle roof would not really be cheap, since you’ll spend a lot more than you’ve bargained for trying to fix it each time it’s damaged by a bad Kansas storm.