Are Metal Roofs Popular in Wichita?

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Metal roofing systems tend to become more and more popular in most parts of the USA, including Wichita, Kansas. With the help of a metal roofing company like MidKansas Exteriors of Wichita, you can build a long-lasting, beautiful roof for your house in no time.

Kansas weather can often be quite unpredictable. Harsh weather events are sure to happen here from time to time, so it is very important to keep your house safe by installing a solid roof, such as a metal roofing system, with the help of an experienced, trustworthy team.

Metal roofs can last for up to sixty years. They can be found in several shapes and colors. They are typically fire-resistant and light in weight. Moreover, they are eco-friendly and very energy-efficient. Not to mention the fact that they are very low maintenance also.

Because metal roofs reflect heat, they can thus reduce cooling costs by about 20%. And if you want to lower your energy bills even more, you can do that by attaching solar panels to your metal roof.

A metal roof can come in two basic roofing styles, such as corrugated metal or standing seam. Standing seam style has vertical panels which are joined together by seams. The most commonly-encountered types of metal for roofing systems include aluminum, steel, zinc or copper.