Are Metal Roofs a Good Choice for Topeka’s Climate?

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When we are speaking about metal roofs, we have to mention the fact that the exact type of materials is quite different from the ones used in the past. Nowadays, metal roofs are available in many different sizes, colors, shapes, textures.

Metal roofing systems can be a wise investment. However, this can usually get proven in time, despite the fact that the initial investment may seem rather high. At the same time, installation matters a lot. Thus, poor installation translates into less resistance and overall performance. But metal is a sustainable material, as it can be recycled, and it also offers homeowners the much needed energy efficiency. And with metal, there is actually very little waste.

Metal roofs have been popular in colder climates, but they can be an excellent choice for warmer climates, too. Among the most frequently used types of materials we could include copper, aluminum and steel. Energy-efficient types of metal roofs include an integrated airspace between the decking and the decking part.

A metal roof can reflect up to 50% of the solar radiation. In other words, the airflow cycle inside your home is far more efficient, which means you can stay cooler in the summertime and warmer in winter.  For roofing guidelines on materials best for your area see