Add Value to Your Home in 2019 with These Renovations

Rennovations Add Value

The home improvements that you make do not have to be very costly to increase the value of your building – here are some renovations that add value without requiring you to invest a substantial amount of money and energy:

  • Repaint the house – changing the color of your home inside and outside is a great, low-cost way to improve visual appeal. A fresh coat of paint will make your entire home look brand new and it can add thousands to your asking price.  You can hire Wichita roofing contractors for roofing upgrades;
  • Landscaping – creating a well-designed and well-taken care of landscape, with some paved paths and colorful flowers is another great way to up the value of your home. All you need is green fingers, some fertilizer, plants for your beds and some paver stone;
  • Insulation – adding a layer of insulation to your attic is also a great, budget-friendly way to add value to your home without having to invest too much. Good insulation also improves your home’s energy efficiency, so the improvement will help you reduce your energy bills the year around and will ensure a healthier interior environment;
  • Renew or replace old flooring – the great looks of your old hardwood floors can be easily and quickly restored with a little polishing and unsalvageable floors can be replaced without huge costs.