5 Common Myths About Replacement Windows in Wichita Debunked

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Let’s stop the confusion and explain the most common myths surrounding window replacement.

Myth 1: Modern profiles are very expensive.

The costs of different types of windows vary quite a lot, since they depend on several factors: the material, the number of glass panes, the choice of profiles, the choice of accessories.  Affordable window are available. In addition, with each passing year, innovative technologies allow the production to become more and more cost-effective.

Myth 2: Modern windows are not as energy efficient as some people say.

Actually, they are very effective, compared to old windows, the savings being significant. It is true, however, that their energy performance may also depend on the way they are installed, as well as on the degree of insulation of the house, in general.

Myth 3: Condensation on windows is a normal phenomenon and you cannot get rid of it.

In reality, this phenomenon can be controlled with the help of quality windows, adequate for the particularities of your home.

Myth 4: Modern windows are not a good match for a more special architecture.

In general, people are very accustomed to the appearance of PVC windows, which are very popular, and which, indeed, may not be able to satisfy the most demanding aesthetic requirements. However, there are other materials that are even better-performing, such as laminated wood or composite materials, which ensure a remarkable appearance, distinctive from that of PVC.

Myth 5 – White carpentry turns yellow

Again, we are talking about PVC windows, where various factors can lead, in some cases, to the change of the color tone of the frame. But if you choose quality windows through one of the window companies Wichita KS has to offer, regardless of the material from which they are made, you will not face such problems.